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Assisted Living
Personalized assistance in beautiful community.


At The Privilege Living, our assisted living program offers personalized assistance, support services and compassionate care in a professionally managed, carefully designed to match with each customer need. Our assisted living program is a perfect alternative for senior who do not need 24-hour complex medical supervision yet, and wish to enjoy the comfort of knowing there is assistance on hand if required. It is a philosophy of care and services promoting independence and dignity.

Our assisted living focuses on wellness and keeping our customer as independent as possible by providing a tailored plan of assistance. Our customers enjoy beautifully appointed living spaces, delicious meals, engaging social activities, personalized assistance and care. It's the assistance you need with all of the independence you desire.


What level of care we provided?

At The Privilege Living, we do not provide health care or skilled nursing as our facilities are not designed for that purpose.  However, if you require assistance with your daily activities, we can provide a tailored plan of assistance based on your need.

Level of Care Summary


Level I

Level II

Level III

Includes any of the following ()

Up to 2 ADL’s

Up to 3 ADL’s

Up to 5 ADL’s





Dining Assistance


Continence Management




What are the additional costs?

An additional fee on Assisted Living option is determined by the level of care required.  Details are below;
Level I:        Resident needs assistance with 2 ADL’s      $325.00 USD/month
Level II:       Resident needs assistance with 3 ADL’s      $525.00 USD/month
Level III:      Resident needs assistance with 5 ADL’s      $825.00 USD/month
*Residents who need assistance and/or training in Continence Management will automatically be designated as Level III






Thailand Assisted Living











Assisted Living in Thailand


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