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Baan Grood Retirement Community
Where everyday is a holiday for you

Baan Grood Retirement Community(PrachuabKiriKhan)

Baan Grood Retirement Community is designed for senior who seek for an independent living and assisted living lifestyle in retirement community setting. We located on a small coastal town called Baan Grood. It is quite, peaceful and full of friendly local people where you can find peace of mind and relax in this quite environment that can only be found in the idyllic beauty of Thailand.

Our independent living lifestyle is an all-inclusive program, everything included. It’s a month-to-month rental program that keep you in control of your finances while you enjoy your retire in Thailand.

Our assisted living is also an all-inclusive program. As we focuses on wellness and keeping our customer as independent as possible, so an extra fee will be added based on your tailor plan of assistance. Our customers enjoy beautifully appointed living spaces, delicious meals, engaging social activities, personalized assistance and care. It's the assistance you need with all of the independence you desire.

What make life at Baan Grood Retirement Community so special and different from the other retirement community is that the residents feel more like part of family. It’s a unique feeling of being right where you belong, a feeling of being at home. As part of Thai culture which is to show respect to the elder, we treat you with warm, care, compassion and respect as you are our elderly relative. But, perhaps most importantly, you’ll experience the security of knowing health care is available if you ever need it.

Baan Grood View Baan Grood Beach

At Baan Grood Retirement Community, we understand that today's retirees are vital, energetic individuals who are actively engaged in life, so we have put together an outstanding recreation program of activities and events in our weekly activities calendar. More than just games and puzzles, our activities are part of a holistic wellness approach; it designed to help seniors live more robust, fulfilling lives. You will have the opportunity to learn something new like cook a Thai dish, learn Thai culture, attend a leaderless group discussion on any subject, participate in group activities like Bocce Ball Tournament, Wii® sports, or volunteer for a worthy cause like teaching English to Thais children, and much more.

Thailand Retirement Community Baan Grood-Pool Facility

Our Cottage Baan Grood-Living Room

You might assume that a tropical holiday lifestyle is costly especially when considering stay in an Independent Living Retirement Community which offers the same comfortable apartment, the delicious meals, and wonderful activities as you can find in your home country. Not at all, as we have set our monthly fee to be affordable, no more expensive to live here than it was in your previous home.
Refundable assurance fee: 60,000 THB
Monthly Rate: 90,000 THB/ person

Baan Grood-Kitchen Baan Grood-Relaxing

Baan Grood-Bedroom Baan Grood-Bathroom

Amenities and Services
To enjoy an all-inclusive independent living in Thailand at Baan Grood Retirement Community is simple; just write one check a month and having us taking care of your life’s daily details. Let’s see what exactly does your rent include?
- Your own private suite for single, a couple or sharing with your friend
- Three delicious and healthy meals a day
- Prepared snacks and beverages available throughout the day
- A weekly calendar of activities, events, and volunteer opportunities
- Pets are warmly welcomed
- Day trip to local attraction once
- Over night trip around Thailand (additional charge)
- Weekly housekeeping and linen service
- Free cable and utilities
- Weekly personal laundry (except dry-cleaning)
- TV and media room with Nintendo Wii®
- Free wireless internet access


*** Monthly rates are subject to 7 % Vat.


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